About Us



We are a business that has made a promise (to ourselves nonetheless), to deliver the VERY best oil that's available, to our customers.


Our adventure began in Turkey and later took us to Greece, where we found organic Oreganum Vulgare oil, with a carvacrol content of more than 80%! Nothing less than "Impressive" can describe the properties of this oil, in truth an Epic Oil from wild growing plants.

But this is only the first step towards our never ending search for Epic Oils across the known world.





Healthy customers

Currently our only mission

Peder Kamper

Founder, Epic Oils


Cvr: 31 43 98 33 (+45) 50 50 41 59 Nordea

Reg. : 21 48

Email: info@epicoils.eu Konto : 07 49 17 24 60